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Audience Identification

Conduct market research to identify the target audience for the product.
Analyze customer demographics: Identify trends or insights to target the ads toward a favourable audience, it can include:
Age, Gender, Profession
Interests, Online Activities, Following any page (or genre of page)

(Future) Help integrate a plug-in to Technet AI’s website that will help identify who has visited our website. It will be used to target our ads toward them.
Imagine, Bob visited our website but is still confused to work with us. We can use ads to target and build brand awareness through re-marketing.


Targeted Campaign Assistance

Develop and execute targeted marketing campaigns to reach the identified audience.
Collaborate with the stakeholders to identify budgets and timelines.
Implement SEO strategies to optimize campaign landing pages for search engine visibility.
Monitor campaign performance, analyze data, and provide report with actionable insights for optimization.


Social Media Strategy

Identify relevant social media platforms for a targeted campaign.
Manage content to drive audience engagement and increase brand visibility.
Utilize social media analytic tools to measure the effectiveness of campaigns, and make decisions based on data.
The decisions based on data can look like:

Posting at a time when we get more user interaction.

Hashtag Effectiveness: Impact of hashtags, and choosing the correct hashtags depending on trends, and user preference.

Optimizing captions/ visuals to increase engagement (likes, click-through rates).

Analyzing competitors’ strategies.



Curating the content in a way that helps us identify how the customer will look at our product.
What unique values do we offer compared to our competitors?

Is it just affordable?

What are the benefits?

Highlighting the benefits of AI-generated text.

Showcasing our ability to adopt and implement the best technology stack for our customers.

Emphasize our partnerships and the use of the best tools available in the market



We will also assist in queries that come in the comment section. In the initial days help in circulating the word to the parties who are in search of similar services; it will be done by connecting with people who are in search of a website developer on LinkedIn or other platforms